How does Slim & Trim Work?


For being such a small seed, Slim & Trim really packs a punch. Slim & Trim is famous for its detox and laxative effects, however there are other very important oils and photo chemicals in Slim & Trim which help explain the consistent weight loss even after the laxative effects are long gone.

SuperNatural SLIM & TRIM

You've tried diets and exercise programs before, but always lost motivation?


You know the basics, but have trouble putting them into action?


You find weight loss difficult and want smarter, easier, more strategic ways to get results?


Well this is our mission to provide you with all that you require which can be taken in the comfort of your own home,





The Slim & Trim Diet is a simple, but very effective 3-step system

1. Preparation - You are guided through a "Preparation" phase to get your body ready to start taking Slim & Trim.


2. Slim & Trim Detox - You are taught how to properly take Slim & Trim from Day 1 to Day 52.


3. Replenish - You learn how to take care of your body's needs so you safely lose weight with Slim & Trim.

The Secret Is In The Oils!

The reason why we go to such great lengths to ensure our seeds are always fresh is because the secret to Slim & Trim weight loss effects are in the oils and fatty acids found in every seed.


In fact, there are only two known sources of all Omega 3, 6, 9, and Gamma-Linolenic fatty acids in the world; Slim & Trim and raw Evening Primrose Seeds.


Extremely Rich in oils, amino acids & antioxidants.


Slim & Trim is made up of 35% oil and amino acids however this wonder oil is very sensitive to light and heat so the seeds must be stored in a cool dark place.

100% Natural 200% Effective

There are over 15 different kinds of fatty acids in Slim & Trim that all have unique and amazing health benefits. However, all of these are very sensitive to light and open air exposure.

So when it comes to Slim and Trim FRESH = EFFECTIVE


The most important point to keep in mind is that because all Slim & Trim is sold de-shelled, the packaging and handling is critically important to keeping the oils intact and effective. The unique compounds found inside the oil are very sensitive. Thus, Slim & Trim must be sealed in air-tight, non-transparent packaging to prevent loss of moisture and rancidity.


If you purchase seeds which are old or haven't been packaged and stored properly you are throwing your money away!

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