Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Slim & Trim similar to other nuts on the market?


Slim & Trim and other nuts are in fact seeds from the same species of tree called "Aluerites Moluccana".

Our Slim & Trim comes from a specific, non-toxic variety of the Aluerites Moluccana tree which we have propagated in the Amazon Rainforest. We do not know where the other nuts are sourced (and there are a dozen different companies), but we can hopefully assume it is also sourced from the Amazon in Brazil.



2) Will I gain weight after leaving the seed?


Slim & Trim will not cause a rebound effect which in diets this effect is similar to the bounce of a ball, if you toss a ball to the ground strongly, this will return to you at the same speed, when a diet makes you lose weight very quickly it's because it's only making you lose your body water, and though it will be a fast way of losing weight you will regain that same weight in a couple of weeks. With Slim & Trim you  lose weight "slow and steady".



3) How to combat side effects if any?


The aim of the Slim & Trim Diet is to safely and responsibly cleanse and detoxify your system. Detoxification is one of the oldest known methods for cleansing the body. Detoxification is a natural process of elimination, involving the removal of ‘toxins’ or buildup of waste matter from the body, via kidneys, bowels and skin. Detoxification should (but will not always – all bodies are different) result in weight loss and greater overall wellbeing, such as increased energy levels, reduced bloating, increased stamina, better immunity, improved skin health, deeper sleep etc. OK, let’s begin. It is important that you prepare your body for Slim & Trim before you first take it. Doing this is as simple as drinking extra water and eating more fruits and vegetables and less red meat for 48 hours.



Why is it so important? People who have had an unhealthy, junk food diet leading up to taking Slim & Trim can be overwhelmed by the detoxification effects of the first 2-3 days of consuming just 1/8th seed.  This can lead to them quitting the diet. The problem was that they just had too much toxins in their system and couldn’t handle the cleansing.  Also, people who already had low levels of potassium in their body will experience cramping, aching, nausea, weakness and low energy after taking Slim & Trim. This is because minerals such as potassium are lost while taking Slim & Trim so it is very important that you replenish and constantly replenish these vitamins & minerals to avoid these negative side effects!



4) Is there a specific diet to follow?


There is no special diet to follow and exercise is not a special requirement either however, should you wish to aid your weight loss faster than you may do so. Drinking lots of water as well as having at least 1 fruit a day is advised. It is recommended to also cut down on fried and fatty foods as well as sweet treats.



5) Does the seed suppress your appetite?


Yes it does suppress your appetite as well as curbs your cravings for sweet things. This helps push you in the right direction of healthier eating habits.


6) Is it common to go to the loo often?


You may have a bowel movement after main meals and use the loo 2-3 times a day however, if you feel that you are using it a lot more, than you may cut the seed down to 1/8th instead of a 1/4. Remember, everyone’s metabolism works differently.



7) Why does my tummy feel tight?


This is a benefit of the seed where it tightens and tones your body as you lose the weight so there won't be any sagging skin once the weight comes off.



8) I have sometimes experienced a cramp in my legs at night. Is that normal?


You may experience cramps if you have low levels of minerals in the body like calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium. It is recommended to take a multi-vitamin or increase your intake of bananas and dairy products. A pinch of salt also helps to combat the cramping.


9) How much does Slim & Trim cost?


Full Pack 48-52 Day Supply of 12 seeds, R450 excluding courier, including courier R495.

Half Pack 24 Day Supply of 6 seeds, R230 excluding courier, including courier R275.

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